About Delta Psi Chapter

Delta Psi Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity was founded at the University of California Santa Barbara on August 25, 1949.


  • Intramural sports such as volleyball, soccer and basketball
  • Delt paintball
  • Ocean rafting
  • Surfing
  • Beach trips
  • Mountain treks
  • Barbecues

Our house improves as a whole when there are brotherhood activities. Without a strong brotherhood, we would not be able to sustain this fraternity of excellent men.

The Shelter

The Delta Psi chapter of Delta Tau Delta recognizes the shelter as an essential component of the fraternity's structure. Without our shelter, we would not be able to conduct fraternity business or host social events. Such events, when hosted by Delta Psi, include other chapters of IFC, students and faculty off campus, and Delta Tau Delta Alumni. The shelter represents the chapter, and the chapter represents itself with pride. The Delta Psi Building Company owns the chapter house.

Composite Gallery